This is a teaser to my first montage video. its about Calicut city


the last thing I did just befor i go to sleep was watch “Watchtower of Turkey” by Leonadro dalessandri and the next day i wake up with the dream of making a montage movie. the video was a huge inspiration for me. i choos my subject “Calicut city” and named it LOVING CALICUT. but till then i had no idea about video editing for filmmaking. but youtube tutorial videos came for my help. and i started shooting. most of my shooting time was the golder hours – the time when sun goes to lightup the other side of the gloab. thats becose of two reasons

1- thats the only time i can get free from my work

2-its the best time to get moving pictures into the camera.

i will be working till the evening, and i did my recordings on and after evening and took my video editing lessons at night.

finally i uploaded a teaser of my montage video. got lot of inspirational messages and phone calls from so many amazing people.

IMG_20170710_184900BEHIND THE SCENE 🙂 sony hx200v – the littile cam capable of 60fps in 1080p


IMG_20170706_151334waiting for a good output


Full video is out on YouTube now. Got somany reviews and suggestions from viewers. Every suggestions I got is a step to improvisation on my next project. This was my first work. Every editing Thing I did was just a few days old knowledge. So I know I’m still on the first step. But il do good in the future 

Watch the full video here :), subscribe,  and let me know what you think 




a photo during my Vellarimala Trek.  and NO i didn’t leave that bottle in the forest, i carried it back to home 

Ever since i was a child i faced the question “who you wanna be?” a hundred times. the answer was different each time and i wasn’t certain. i grown slowly and did plus two on commerce not because i’m interested in it but cause i thought science is tough and humanities is very easy so stick with the “medium” , and i finished my Degree on BBA now doing MBA..

I’m  not bad in business have my own firm now , even its not a big: Its mine. and also looking after my father’s shop in Calicut. for the past few years.. all these times i was having a feeling like i’m getting close to death without doing anything..i felt empty, and all the free times i got in weekends  i traveled, some times i made free times to travel. all my traveling is within One day or maximum two days, because i have a home and family, and business to take care , i have respect for my businesses because that’s what paying me for my traveling and all the cameras i have and the every bread i have. if i want to travel any further than distance i do now i have to find a alternate source of money.

And then one day i was reading the travel blog @theshootingstarblog and it flipped my mind and changed the way i see things and filled me with inspiration and that’s when i was certain for the very first time about the hundred questions that followed me from the childhood – I wanted to be a traveler and click photos and make travel videos

an Indian kid is different. he is under his  parent’s care till they are unable take care of you anymore. so technically its so hard to leave the comfort zone. when i think about leaving home for travelling i have to think about how my family meet their needs in my absence. that’s when i got the idea of blogging i have no idea when someone read my stuff  or how long it takes but typing all these giving me hope that one day this blog can take me further, it might take years or decades but sure one day it will grow strong enough to lift me.

anybody can live a life he’s like a chocolate in a store; for those who buys it. so i’m tying because success is for those who try . i hop one day this bloge pay me back for enough to buy some local bus tickets..thats enough for me 🙂

VAYALADA VIEWPOINT- less popular Heaven In Calicut, Kerala


DCIM100MEDIATook a small break from my busy day, that’s when i saw her first, i never thought i find something like this in my neighbourhood. i never expected such an experience when i was climbing to the top. of course it was love at first sight.

Vayalada is a beautiful place in Calicut  which is 40 km away from Kozhikode(Calicut is a substitute name for Kozhikode) town. accessible with car or bike, and you have to walk a few hundred meters to the top of the view point for the breathtaking view and fog(in some seasons). the picture you see above is took in june, its a calm place but can be bit crowdy in weekends. its good place for a half day getaway plan.




The rock i was sitting on is the main attraction on Vayalada view point, everybody who visit there take a picture like this and here i am 🙂 the photo is clicked my my friend basith pykat in his camera. i was trying to get go-pro selfie when he was working on his camera.

the rock is safe and stable but you have to be careful when you try to get on it.




Kozhikode beach is visible if the weather is clear enough, Can you see a shining  line below the sun, its Calicut beach. yeah feels like home 🙂